In mid september we went to Yorkshire Dales to see Malham Cove thanks to Couplands Outfit and Supply for pointing it out on their Instagram. The main incentive to go here was to see Malham Cove where Harry, Ron & Hermione camped in A Deathly Hallows Part One but… I was completely amazed by Garsdale Scar.

As part of the walk we had scramble up the waterfall right in the middle of the ravine. When we reached the top I couldn’t help but stand and look at all the surroundings. I’ve also uploaded a small video that will be in my next post.

This was an amazing experience and I think its started a new love for incorporating some scrambling into the walks I go on from now on.

London Part 3

After trying to go to Borough Market we went for some cocktails then went back to Males’s house where Lauren made homemade jerk chicken, mac & cheese pie, polenta and rice and peas. This meal gave me a new found love for Caribbean food!!